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Why take Speech and Drama lessons?

The lessons are aimed at developing and refining a student’s communication and acting skills. This is to enable the student to highly effectively communicate ideas and messages to an audience. 

What do you do in a lesson?

Lessons would involve working with the student on the following skills.


  • Developing expressive, dynamic and controlled vocal techniques and body language

  • Learning how to effectively convey a narrative and utilise the performance space to engage an audience

  • Developing convincing and complex characters/roles with confidence, purpose and energy

  • Learning spontaneity through improvisational techniques that enhance both daily communication and performances

  • Engaging thoughtfully and analytically with written/scripted material and understanding the context

Who can do Speech and Drama lessons?

The lessons are wonderful for any student over the age of 8 wishing to improve their overall communication and performance skills. 

How much do lessons cost?

Lessons are offered on an individual or group (paired or group of 3) basis. Lessons start at $50 per 30 minutes for an individual lesson. Full Voice Studio is a registered Creative Kids provider and happily accepts the $100 Creative Kids Voucher. 

For more information, or to book a lesson, contact Full Voice Studio today.