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Lorissa completed a Bachelor of Musicology at the University of South Africa followed by a Licentiate Diploma in Performance (Singing) from Trinity College of London (LTCL). She is currently completing her Honours of Music (Research) specialising in Music Education with a focus on Singing Pedagogy. 


Lorissa has almost thirteen years private music teaching experience and has taught students of all ages (children and adults). She provides tuition in singing, piano, piano-voice combination and music theory. Lorissa teaches various styles including musical theatre, classical and popular music. Her students have successfully completed Trinity College of London singing, piano, rock-pop and music theory exams annually. 


As a certified dance teacher, Lorissa has taught modern dance, musical theatre, theatre dance and body conditioning group classes for over ten years. Lorissa was also regularly contracted by local primary schools to choreograph and coach their students’ school concert dances.


Lorissa prepared her music and dance students for the studio’s performing art shows staged every two to three years. These shows provided students from both disciplines the opportunity to showcase their skills and collaborate with other local studios giving students the opportunity to develop further skills in teamwork. 


Lorissa performed in “The Fairy Queen”, “Beethoven’s 9th Symphony” and the Opera Gala in presented in collaboration with Stellenbosch University Symphony Orchestra. She also performed in “Die Fledermaus” staged at the Artscape Theatre in South Africa. Lorissa performed the lead role in the musical production of “Nella van Helshoogte” and “Water” produced by Kollig Productions as well as performing in Shiraz Production's “Neverland” staged at the Playhouse Theatre in South Africa. Lorissa and her studio annually volunteered as singers, dancers and pageantry actors at the charity concerts, “Vergelegen Estate Carols by Candlelight”, which raised funds for the Helderberg Hospice. 


Lorissa approaches teaching each individual student at their own pace. She guides each student on their discovery of music and musical theatre by choosing age appropriate music and musical theatre productions. She endeavours to guide her students to develop in skill, creativity and confidence in their chosen discipline. She purposes that each lesson should be characterised by enjoyment, discovery and an appropriate level of challenge to encourage growth both as a musician and a person.  

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